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Suwa Nekoko A historical violinist.

Updated: Nov 29

Here's a vinyl album.

Bach sonatas and paltitas for solo violin.

The violinist is her.

Her specific play, her something are appearing on the first track of BW1001.

It's hard to say, but the beginning is where it becomes obvious that she plays in a way that is distinctly different from other performers, e.g. by elongating or emphasizing certain parts.

Is it her trap that makes it feel so awkward and unnatural? Gradually, she gains momentum and her fingering is sharp and she plays skillfully without stagnation.

As a Japanese woman violinist, a violinist among the world war second, a violinist among Nazis and the Japanese Empire, she lived. Her life would be beyond my imagination.

She was called a genius girl, studied abroad, toured abroad, received a violin from Goebbels, and was the subject of movies and novels.

Almost of the comments to this album are sentimental because of her complicated lives.

These were recorded around 1980, a calmer time long after that dramatic era.

For some reason, the performance seems to me to have a certain melancholy to it. What was she thinking as she played?

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