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Customers' Voice


"Perfect! No complaints!"

“Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis…their horns sound supreme.”  


(Owner of VAL Stereo/mono/78rpm cartridges. Jazz café owner, Listening to jazz instrumental stereo/mono LP with Thorens, SME, Accuphase, JBL)

A picture of basic body "Contemporary" series
A picture of URUSHI painted model
“Drums sounds realistic, especially the nuance vibrating skin of snare drum is wonderful.
Bass sounds clearly.
For example, picking or sound when the strings are plucked. I’ve never listened to this level!” 

(Photographer of famous musicians, same time at the above café.) 

“Wow!! All of 78rpm records sounds much better than phonograph nor other 78rpm cartridges!!

 “All they sound like mint condition monaural records!! Middle, vocal sounds supreme!! Why, scratch noises are lesser than I’ve ever listened!!”


(Owner of VAL 78rpm cartridges. Jazz kissa owner, Audio enthusiasts club representative. Listening to jazz songs of 78rpm/LP with Technics, FR, SME, Marantz, LUXMAN, Altec, TANNOY, KEF, Rogers, EMI)

 “Orchestra sound!! Clear massive orchestra is in front of me. 

"And Arias are Vivid, physical presence is excellence. It is owing to picking up the minutest vibrations from the records.”
(Owner of VAL stereo/mono cartridges. CEO of manufacturing optical instruments company, Listening to classical music of stereo/monaural/78rpm with Thorens, GARRARD, SME, QUAD, TANNOY),WesternElectric, NEUMANN)

  “Details of Each instrument, songs are very clear! Excellent.”

 “Orchestra tone is comfortable and low is very clear.”


(An artisan of pickup cartridges manufacturer, player of jazz guitar, classical orchestra, jazz instruments, JBL, EMT, ORTOFON, JBL)


 (A manufacturer of audio equipment manufacturer, Listening to jazz songs and operettas with GARRARD, SHINDO, Altec, Jensen, ORTOFON)

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