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Features and Advantages?

  • You can enjoy "SOUND IN FOCUS" with your audio system.

  • Please check "Customers'voice". Reality, especially outlines, minutest sound are wonderful.

What Vinyl Audio Laboratory prefer to audio system?

・We don't especially recommend any specific manufacturers, brands.

・But if we dare to mention it, a highly efficient audio system is preferable. It greatly contributes to reproducing fine sound.
・Tonearm would be for low compliance is preferable.

What are the reference of Vinyl Audio Laboratory?

What are test vinyl records?

・Separated monaural construction amplifiers using vacume tube with the latest technology.

・High efficiency speaker systems.

・Three types turntable system; Idler drive, belt drive and direct drive.

・Classical music; operetta, orchestra, concert, solo...

・Jazzmusic; vocal ,trio, bap, middle, west coast, ragtime, 

・Rock, Blues, Popular; 

・It is natural that so-called high-quality-records sound good.

・It is much important that ordinary records all over the world are played wonderfully.

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