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We "Vinyl Audio Laboratory" is

Pursue Loving sublime, best, highest and passion.

Vinyl Audio Laboratory would like to 


  • We are aiming for the following three things.

  • Re-evaluate, in our own way, the records that have continued for about 150 years, the related music, and the diverse cultures involved in people's lives, and convey them to the world.

  • To reproduce the state of people on a certain day, at a certain time, as it is recorded on the record.

  • Provide a system that can reproduce them at any time and pass it on to future generations.


Both digital and analog have advantages and disadvantages.

Here are some of the heavyweight reasons why we stick to analogue.

  • First, there is already a huge amount of cultural assets.

  • Long lasting if stored well

  • The structure must be simple.

  • The operation of the playback device should be dynamic and fun to watch.


In Japanese "KANJI" letters, "music" is written with two letters "音楽" as "enjoying sound".​

However, its depth does not stop at the dimension of simply enjoying it, it has the power to shake people's hearts and sometimes greatly influence them.

I want to cherish that music as my companion in life and as a dear friend.

Masashi Miyake

Representative of Vinyl Audio Laboratory

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