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MC Transformer

Updated: Dec 5, 2022




 誰が注文したものかというと、かつては「Figaro」、今は「ルミエール」という店名でオーディオ 店を営む菊池氏らです。









The picture is NEUMANN BV-33 type transformer. I'm not sure when it was took.

Some audiophiles says, that kind of clean BV-33 must be falsification, the reason why the number of BV-33s should be same with the number of NEUMANN cutting amplifiers.

Certainly it might be, but the manufacturer made by individual orders.

  Because there were the same materials in the factory yet.

In fact, the BV-33 in the picture was made in 1980s' by individual order.

 Mr, Kikuchi, the presentative of Figaro, now Lumiere owner, had ordered them.

I'm not sure the manufacturer could made BV-33 or not now.

Anyway, the reproduction model is as same as the one detached from amplifiers.

I have the one and using. I also using a preamplifier by SHINDO Laboratoy. It is including TRIAD transformer. They are worthy opponent each other.


we, Kikuchi and I found the dead stocks of the reproduction model in Lumber, we'll sell them soon. I hope you'll be looking forward to it.

You can reserve it if you want.

Please feel free to contact me.

  The price is ¥480,000- domestic.

 The case of transformer is staining black, and chassis is painting with baking.

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