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Now Vinyl Audio Laboratory(VAL) has just started!

I was very interested in the cartridge "Lumiere1" about 20 years ago. It was a handmade by Chiaki Kikuchi, who is a representative of audio garage "Lumiere".

I wanted to buy it, but Chiaki said to me,"Make it by yourself!".

Chiaki always say to me, do it yourself. Probably he has been thinking I'm not a customer of Lumiere. Then I tried to make it with Chiaki's support.

Now, I decided to start a new brand and original products, first cartridges. I studied Lumiere1 and add my own technology, knowhow, and some tips to create my own sound for owners.

Nowadays, almost cartridges in the world have almost the same archtechure, for example, ORTOFON type MC or SHURE type MM. Of course they have good taste sounds, I sometimes use them.

Though they are good, but another architecture can sound very good music.

So I'm making direct type MC cartridges.

VAL is small, I'm manufacturing slowly. It will be a production to order. It is very important to make superior sound.

In fact, after finishing to manufacturing, I will listen to records for a day to check sound.

If you need, please send me e-mail freely.

Thank you!

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