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The serial number “1” cartridge is back for maintenance.

Here is the commemorative first shipment of cartridges.

Serial number is 1.

Arrived at the owner's request for maintenance.

It's the first time in a long time to return home.

The face to face is very emotional.

When I checked again the condition of my workmanship at that time, I found that I had done a solid and careful job.

I was relieved to see it again.

And when I looked at the condition of the cartridge, which I was told was used every day...

It was as clean as it had been back then.

You can tell that they have been used with care.

We disassembled it, checked each part, and reassembled it.

And test.

No problem. We hope it will replay good music front now on.

It will go back to the owner, again.









#memorial #1st #firstshipping #serialno1

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