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Sequel : New bodies exhibited at High End Munich 2023 Part 2

We are using good material CORIAN®️ for cartridge body.

After we cut out the body, then coated with Japanese lacquer by artisan.

Would you notice any difference from the one posted before?

The one before is painted simply than this, instead, the center line is shell inlaid.

The below is painted more elaborate but not inlaid.

They are very beautiful!

We think it is important that high end cartridges should have their characteristics, features, individuality.

And more, we think they should have various pleasures and joys, such as viewing and enjoying, just holding.

Now we are producing these URUSHI coated bodies.

URUSHI coatings demand long time to waiting for the drying up. Drying time is depends on the season, Drying time can take several months depending on the climate of the year.

So if you would like to purchase one, it should be made to order in principle. Please note that I may have a few pieces in stock on rare occasions depending on my passion, so if the timing is right, I may be able to deliver immediately.











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