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“Good bye Lumiere”

I was very surprised!

It's a title which a friend told me that there was an article in a magazine.

Lumiere is an audio shop of my friend. Also he manufactured his original amplifiers and cartridges.

Mr. Chiaki’s Kikuchi is the owner of Lumiere Audio. He decided to close his shop and factory in this year. Of course I heard his ideas, intentions, plans and thoughts, except that became a article of magazine.

I have studied many techniques and knowledge about audio equipments.

Honestly the my products (cartridges ) are based on his knowledge and his own product “Lumiere 1”.

More than 20 years ago he asked me “I would like to develop and sell new types cartridges, do have any ideas?”

Though I told him some ideas but he didn’t consent to them.

After a while, he created a prototype, but it wasn’t as elegant as later products.

I dare say,

Of Course my products have new and patented technologies, so not the same as Lumiere 1.

I felt a renewed desire to further apply and develop what I learned from him and create better products.

Thanks you!😊🙏

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