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Listening event at SHINDO Laboratory 新藤ラボラトリーにて試聴会

Updated: Nov 15, 2022




所用の合間にお邪魔しましたので小一時間程の短い時間でしたが、二代目からは『合格』を頂きました 明瞭でクリアー、新藤ラボラトリーチューンSPUと似た傾向で鳴りました。

A few days ago, I visited SHINDO Laboratory.

The reason why was to ask to repair my personal equipment and of course to listen to my cartridges. We used “MGF-ST1 Basic.

We listened some records, for example, “Blue Burton by Ann Burton, she is a famous jazz vocalist.

Young Shindo…the son of Ken said “Very clear very good”. The sound charactor is resembled to “SHINDO SPU” customized by SHINDO Laboratory.

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