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Sound In Focus; Matrix; Matrix number; マト1

Your sound is it?

“Sound In FOCUS” 

It's a new standard
in vinyl reco
rds playing.

If you feel
"Picking up the minutest vibrations
from my vinyl records!!"

"Happy to listen to it, more and more."

This is our products and solution.
for your demand.

Vinyl Audio Laboratory

Sound In Focus

Why "Sound In Focus"?


Various sounds existed in the “field” of the performance.

The player's tension, joy, anticipation, and anxiety before the performance, the audience's expectation and tension...

As soon as the performance starts, both the performer and the audience influence each other, change in various ways, and become one.

There are various sounds that accompany the energy of both parties, the movement of the body, the movement of the mind, etc., and these are mixed, resonate, and form the "place".

Vinyl Audio Laboratory values the sound and energy of the "place" and aims to create a "brilliant" reproduction of the "place" without ambiguity.


Our thoughts


Vinyl records have much more information than we usually listen to.

Audio philes always try to listen to the good sound from them.

There are many important points how to do the best.

One of them is pickup cartridge. 

There is a strange thing. We don't know the reason why but almost every pickup cartridges in the world have almost the same power generation system. 

The differences among them are of part types, but not the system. 

We vinyl Audio Laboratory is thinking as follows;

​It is desirable that the distance between stylus and coils be as short as possible.

This allows it to pick up more subtle vibrations from vinyl records.

On the contrry speaking, that standard construction will lost subtle vibration of vinyl records. Because they have cantilever of some distance between stylus and coils.

Due to the distance there, minute vibrations are absorbed by the cantilever unfortunately.

As a result, the outline, contour  of sound is lost.



So we woud like to solve it with offering our new pickup cartridges.   

Magne Focus; Vinyl Audio Laboratory


It's an original unique technology.


"MAGNE-FOCUS" system were invented for Moving Coil type pickup cartridges as supreme

power generation systems.

"MAGNE-FOCUS" system has already patented technology

and the word is our coined word for it.

"MAGNE-FOCUS" systems are consist of two types.

One is for stereo vinyl records.

It gives us well balanced and clear stereophonic sound. Because it is constructed

by well-balanced position among the coils, magnets and body. 

Another is for monaural/SP (78rpm) vinyl records.

It  gives us strong and clear focusing sound. Because it is constructed

by repulsion magnets and well-balanced position among the coils, magnets and body.

Advantages of "MAGNE-FOCUS"

"MAGNE-FOCUS" system provides very good noise-to-tone separation

and sharp definition.

Less scratch noises than others.


The reason is the two below;

1. the distance between the stylus and the coil is much smaller than in other systems,

so the cantilever resonance is much less affected, resulting in the best transient performance.

2. the "MAGNE-FOCUS" system is realized by appropriately combining the shapes

and positions of all elements such as the stylus, cantilever, coil, and magnet.


The know-how of Vinyl Audio Laboratory is utilized in this design.


Mr.T, Jazz café owner

Mr.A, Photographer


"No complaints!" 
"Sonny Rollins, Miles Davis…their horns sound supreme.” 

“Drums sounds realistic, especially the nuance vibrating skin of snare drum is wonderful. Bass sounds clearly. For example, picking or sound when the strings are plucked. I’ve never listened to this level!” 

Mr.S, Jazz kissa owner,


“Wow!! All of 78rpm records sounds much better than phonograph nor other 78rpm cartridges!!

 “All they sound like mint condition monaural records!! Middle, vocal sounds supreme!! Why, scratch noises are lesser than I’ve ever listened!!”

Mr.K, CEO of instruments manufacturing company

A pref.

“Orchestra sound!"
"Clear massive orchestra is in front of me."
"And Arias are Vivid, physical presence is excellence."
"It is owing to picking up the minutest vibrations from the records.” 

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