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Updated: Jun 10


目的はミュンヘンで毎年開催されるハイエンドオーディオショー(High End Munich 2024)に出展するためです。


そのうち対外的にオープンに行ったのがシュトゥットガルトにあるHigh Fidelity Barで開催したリスニングイベントです。










事前にドイツ国内で出ていたSTEREO GUIDEの記事はこんな感じ。






I stayed in Germany for about two weeks from late April, which is called "Golden Week" in Japan.

The purpose was to exhibit at the High End Munich 2024, a high-end audio show held annually in Munich.

However, since I was going there anyway, I made various plans that were more ambitious than last year.

One of the events I held to open to the public was a listening event held at "High Fidelity Bar" in Stuttgart.

The restaurant owner himself was responsible for attracting customers and guiding audio professionals.

As for me, I went there with a very rough feeling, using the audio set and records from the bar, and bringing the cartridges myself.

Of course, it would be a bit rough to go there without any preparation, so I went there before the bar opened and warmed up by greeting people and doing other things.

I also went to a record store to look at some records.

As the opening time approached, I realized that I needed to decide on the scenario, the order in which the records would be played, and the time allocation, and I decided on it 1-2 hours before the event. When I say "decided," I don't mean a rigid schedule, but rather I just decided on the order and flow of things. After that, I decided to improvise while checking the reaction of the audience.

I also decided whether to stop or play the record halfway through based on my intuition at the time.

In the first half, I played what are called excellent recordings that audiophiles love to play. I played 4-5 jazz, rock, and classical records.

In the second half, I went back in time and played great jazz and classical records, great performances, and great singing, including early stereo records from the 60s, mono records from the 50s, and even earlier SP records. Of course, all of them were originals and first pressings.

Some people think that old records sound bad, so I casually explained that this is not the case and showed them how to play them well.

Everyone seemed to be concerned about the sound quality at first, but by the second half, they seemed to forget about it and were immersed in the music.

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