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障子の張り替え Re upholstery paper slide doors

I reupholstered the shoji screens.

They're a kind of doors in Japanese traditional houses.

Shoji slide doors consist of wooden frames and paper windows. Windows are never opened, just dormer windows.

They are usually used for "washitsu".

Tatami mats are no longer being made in Japanese houses these days. This is because lifestyles have become Americanized and tatami rooms have decreased.

I love washitsu room, shoji doors, fusuma doors, tatami mats and special wooden tenjyo.

Let's start!

Tearing and peeling off!

It's children's favorite😀

If you do it well, first you should wet the top of a piers.

clearn up shoji on left over.

Applying glue and paste new shoji paper.

Once dry, trim the all sides.

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