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第二回 What does good sound mean? 良い音とは?


















Now, can I write on this subject? LOL!

What on earth do I claim?

Isn't this a subject that both readers and writers are very curious about?

If you call yourself an audiophile, you probably have some ideas of your own.

My definition of good sound, that is.

'Decide for yourself!

It is.

Based on my experience, I would say that generally any hesitation begins with listening too much to someone else, doubting one's own judgment, and fearing failure.

It is better to understand at the outset that good or bad judgment is the result of each individual's body and senses.

This is because each person's body size, shape, ear size, shape, orientation, inner ear width and length, and eardrum sensitivity (cilia) are all different, so we do not always hear the same sound the same way.

Also, even the same person can change depending on his/her physical condition and mood. No matter how much you fortify your apparatus, you cannot escape from this.

Under this premise, the first point becomes what you want to hear and how you want to hear.

Not all records and CDs are created equal. Therefore, sound tendencies will vary depending on the year of manufacture and the label. Even the same label may differ in some way.

You may have noticed this. There is a great deal of difference between labels for older items, and also between old and new records.

It is best to assume that you are dealing with a very ambiguous medium that is impossible to know what kind of recording equipment the record label used, how they mixed and tracked down the tracks, what kind of equipment they used to monitor and make the final decision, and so on. The material of the records is also different, isn't it? Hard, soft, thick, thin, etc., right?

In addition, there are differences in audio equipment from period to period and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore, the way to put together equipment varies depending on what criteria are used.

Therefore, there are variations in "good sound.

Only when there is consistency between the first article, "What is Audio" and this article, "What is Good Sound?

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