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第一回 What Is audio? オーディオとは?







It's a difficult and important theme I think strongly.

There are many ideas and concepts in it.

It's just a hobby, It's just a tool for listening to music, simply loving machines and mechanics and so on.

In my first experience, I thought it was cool;

-my class mates changed the speaker in a radio cassette machine to other and reviewed which was better ;

-or listened to records and reviewed the sound

Though I was not sure about it.

We were junior high school students after all. The most we could do was getting a little bit higher quality cassette tapes or changed tone balance and reviewed higher tone was better or lower sound was richer.

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When I was in high school, I think I had a vague desire to listen to music with good sound.

Isn't this what it was like when we were just starting out?

And I think that this generation's ``character'' of audiophiles was that they took in what critics were saying in magazines and said things that were recognized by their fellows.

Since I wasn't in the city center, I didn't have much experience with exhibitions or auditions.

Still, when I took part in a blind sound guessing quiz, guessed the difference in the sound of three amps, and won five cassette tapes as a prize, I went home with a show off lol.

After that, something happened and I experienced an audio set that made listening to music more enjoyable, and I decided on my own quality of sound and the path I wanted to take.

After all, it is positioned as a tool for listening to music.

It's not just about listening to good sound.

It was important that it felt live.

I would like to write about this in the next article, "What is good sound?"

Thank you.

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