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お客様のオーディオ One customer’s audio

Updated: Jun 12, 2023










And please read the page "Customers' Voice" if you have interested in our products.

These are the pictures of customer's audio.

He loves classical music and Japanese old popular songs.

The audio system could play classical music very well with VAL cartridge.

For example orchestra music records were replayed with large scale, stringed instruments like violins, violas, cellos, contrabasses were played with clear sound, clear pitch, and grossly and beautiful.

Vocals were wonderful, able to see rips and face, body and beautiful.

And a tips,

I carried a very famous transformer, BV-33 by Neumann. We wanted to compare it and 618A by Western Electric.

The conclusion is both are very good transformers. No one could say one is better than another.

Thank you.

And please read the page "Customers' Voice" if you have interested in our products.

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